We are a specialized team, able to provide tailor-made services to suit our clients' needs. We are proud of providing feasible solutions to complex problems and advice to clients through difficult and complex situations.  We do all of the above at a very reasonable cost, with great benefits to our clients.
We are a small and selected group of professionals. We never stop qualifying our team members. Due to our restricted structure, you will benefit from the whole experience of our team, not just compartimentalized groups


Arthur Rodrigues Dalmarco

Lawyer, LLb. UFSC Areas: contracts, corporate, energy, taxation. Languages: English arthur@silvaneto.com.br

Danielle Christine Seide

Admitted to the Brazilian Bar - SC 29.452

Languages: Portuguese and English

Practice areas: Litigation - general and tax

Office: Blumenau

E-mail: danielle@silvaneto.com.br

Humberto Rodacki Gomes

Bachelor in Law, Federal University of Santa Catarina (1995).

Specialist, Corporate Law, FGV.

Former counsel to Bunge do Brasil.

Former general legal counsel to SCGÁS. Partner in charge of the Blumenau office.

Member: Brazilian Bar Association

Languages: Portuguese and English.

Practice areas: Labor litigation, Administrative and civil litigation.

Office: Blumenau

E-mail: humberto@silvaneto.com.br


João De Bona Filho

Bachelor in Law, Federal University of Santa Catarina (2002).

Specialist, FGV, Law of economics and corporation.

Member: Brazilian Bar Association

Practice areas: Real estate, litigation, governmental affairs

Office: Florianópolis

E-mail: debona@silvaneto.com.br

Mateus Spanemberg da Silva

Bachelor in Law, Santa Catarina Federal University Law School

Post-graduate (specialist) in Public Law, FURB/ESMESC.

Member: Brazilian Bar Association, Santa Catarina State, 2009.

Practice areas: Real estate, tax, litigation.

Office: Florianópolis

E-mail: mateus@silvaneto.com.br

Orlando Celso da Silva Neto

Born Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, March 13, 1973;.

Education: Federal University of Santa Catarina (Bachelor in Law, 1996);

University of São Paulo (Masters in International Law, 2000; Doctorate, Ph.D., International Law).

Intern, Legal Affairs Division, World Trade Organization, 2001.

Professor, International Contracts, University of Itajaí, 1998-2000.

Visiting Professor, Transnational Executive MBA, California State University at Hayward.

Professor, Contract and Bankruptcy Law, Federal University of Santa Catarina, 2003-2005.

Estácio de Sá Law School, 2007 - 2012.

Member: Brazilian Bar Association; admitted in Santa Catarina and Rio de Janeiro

American Society of International Law; International Law Association.

Languages: Portuguese,French, Spanish and English.

Practice Areas: Regulatory; Foreign Direct Investment; Corporate; Project Finance; Government Incentives; International Business Transactions; Corporate Litigation.

Offices: Florianópolis

E-mail: orlando@silvaneto.com.br

Willian Simas Hoepfner

Bachelor in Law, Unisul, 2011

Currently attending graduate course (specialization) on Civil Law, Business management and real estate Law at LFG institute.

Member: Brazilian Bar Association

Practice areas: Litigation

Office: Florianópolis

E-mail: willian@silvaneto.com.br



José Augusto Schmidt Garcia

Bachelor in Law, Pontifícia Universidade Católica -RS, 1993.

Member: Brazilian Bar association, RS and SC - 18.233-A

Practice areas: Labor Law. Planning and compliance Labor Law litigation.

Office: Florianópolis

E-mail: jaugusto@silvaneto.com.br



Rosalita Ana Milan

E-mail: rosalita@silvaneto.com.br